News from Sanitary District #2

The Town of Neenah Sanitary District’s budget was approved and accepted on November 12. The User fee for 2020 was not increased; the District makes every effort to forecast our expenses and make the most efficient use of our money. We ask that every homeowner be cognizant of what they flush down their toilet, if it’s not toilet paper, please put in the garbage. Excessive plugging of lift station pumps puts unnecessary wear on impellers and pumps that result in costly repairs that could be prevented.

The Lift Station #2 building on Rainbow Beach Rd has been completed. The new building houses a new generator to keep this mainline lift station operational in the event power is lost. The control panel and switchgear were also upgraded. This lift station was part of the core group constructed in 1991. The additional storage space will give room for a future utility trailer.

As of this writing, you may notice construction equipment in the farm field across the road from the Town Hall. TNSD2 and the City of Neenah have entered into a joint project to construct a 15″ sewer collector pipe to connect at the end of Cumings Lane through the field to Breezewood Lane. This is a huge accomplishment that will see the abandonment of Lift Station 7. Lift Station 7 has been a restriction for Town and City growth for many years. The Collector Pipe will allow for future growth and eliminate any potential of wastewater overflows that may have happened during peak flow times due to capacity issues of Lift Station 7.

You are welcome to join us at our monthly District meetings, held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at the Town Hall at 7 pm. The District appreciates hearing feedback from our users.