Public Test of Voting Equipment  – Tuesday, November 1, 2022, 1:00 p.m. at the Town of Neenah Town Hall, 1600 Breezewood Lane. 

The public is invited and encouraged to attend and observe the testing process.  

Wisconsin state law and Election Commission administrative rules outline a security protocol to ensure the integrity of Wisconsin elections. All municipalities are required to conduct a public test of their voting equipment within 10 days each election.  Pre-election testing is intended to confirm the accuracy of voting equipment programming.   

Programming is verified by feeding a set of pre-marked ballots into each machine and reviewing the results tape that is generated.  Following the public test, the voting equipment and memory devices are secured.  The memory device will remain in the equipment with a tamper-evident seal used to secure memory device compartments.  A chain-of-custody log is maintained that documents any access to each memory device or tabulator.  Verification of the serial numbers will take place before the polls open in the morning and after the close of polls.   Voting equipment modeming capability is disabled until the polls close.