The Coronavirus is at the forefront of our world right now, and the use of hand sanitizer wipes is on the rise to ward off the virus, the Town of Neenah Sanitary District #2 would like to inform you about the damage these wipes can cause to the sanitary sewer system. These types of wipes and other similar products, including products labeled as flushable, are not meant to be flushed into the sewer system. These items cause significant problems by clogging the pumps in our lift stations and clogging sewer mains. These clogs can damage pumps, cost time and money for maintenance crews to repair, and lead to sewage back up in basements.

Please dispose of these items in the trash and refrain from flushing any of these items down the toilet. The Town of Neenah Sanitary District #2 would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation in keeping these items out of the sanitary system.