On November 5th, the Town of Neenah, the City of Neenah, and the Town of Neenah Sanitary District No. 2 reached agreement on an amendment to their existing boundary agreement to ensure that the Town’s revenue from the Alliant power plant will continue for the foreseeable future.  The amendment does this by “attaching” the power plant property to the City, thereby protecting it from annexation by other municipalities.

A separate Shared Services Agreement, also approved last night, arranges for the splitting of State shared revenue payments for the power plant between the Town and the City so that the Town is ensured the same revenue stream post-attachment that it received prior to it.

Town Chairman Bob Schmeichel stated, “ It was my determination to protect the Town of Neenah’s boundaries and revenue stream and that was accomplished seamlessly with the cooperation of the City of Neenah. ”

Because the Town and City were able to accomplish this arrangement by attaching the power plant property under the boundary agreement, there was no longer a need for the annexation that the Town had petitioned for. Therefore, the City dismissed the petition. As a result, no property other than the power plant was attached to the City.