Obtaining a permit is beneficial to the property owner. There are various code requirements that the State of Wisconsin has developed to provide all occupants for the health and safety within a building. The Town of Neenah has chosen to supervise these requirements through the Building Inspector, Gary Klinka, to verify that the code requirements have been met.

When the project is completed, a final inspection will be made. If no violations of codes are found, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued for the project.

If the Town discovers an active project without the required permits, it will require the work to be stopped at the site until the owner obtains all necessary permits. The Town Building Code is located under Chapter 12 of the Town Ordinances.

Chapter 12.25(2) Any person who shall violate any provision of this Chapter shall, upon conviction thereof, forfeit not less than fifty dollars ($50.00), nor more than $500.00, together with the costs of prosecution; each day of noncompliance with any such provision shall constitute a separate violation.

Projects Involving Interior Areas
Permit Required
New Homes Town and County
Additions Town and County
Garages, Decks, and Accessory Buildings Yes
Remodeling Yes
Decks Town and County
Sheds Town and County
Projects Involving Exterior Areas
Siding No Town Permit
Roofing No Town Permit
Fencing No Town Permit Required

County Permit is Required

Swimming Pools No Town Permit Required

County Permit is Required

Concrete, Patios, Sports Courts (especially between house and waterfront) No Town Permit Required

Call County to Verify if Required

Chapter 12 - Town Building Code


The work set forth in this section is exempt from the permit requirements. Notwithstanding permit requirements, however, such work shall comply with all other applicable rules, and standards set forth in this Code.

(1) Alterations and repairs required for the maintenance and upkeep of any building or structure which do not:

(a) Exceed a labor and material cost of $1,000.00.

(2) The following conditions do not require a building permit:

(b) No change of building use.

(c) No change in living area.

(d) No affect to structural strength, fire hazards, exits or natural lighting.

(e) Does not involve the replacement of space heating, ventilating, cooling, water heating or other major equipment.

(f) Siding, roofing, or window replacements installed on one-family and two-family dwellings.

(3) Fences and swimming pools (refer to County Zoning Ordinances)