Garbage & Recycling

Beginning January 1, 2017 Harter's Fox Valley Disposal will collect garbage and recycling for the Town of Neenah.  Trash is collected weekly and recycling bi-weekly.  Both Trash and Recycling are picked up on Thursday.  Please call Ellen Skerke at 725-0916 for your Recycling and Garbage containers.  If your garbage or recycling is not picked up please call Harter's Fox Valley Disposal directly:

Visit Harter's Fox Valley Disposal website for information about additional services.

Harter's Fox Valley Disposal 


If you need information about what can or cannot be recycled please refer to the Winnebago County Website: Winnebago County Solid Waste Department

2020 Garbage and Recycling Calendar

2020 Winnebago County Solid Waste & Recycling Rates

Educational resources

2016 Tri-County Recycle Guide