Town of Neenah Sanitary District #2

The Town of Neenah Sanitary District #2 provides sanitary sewer services to more than 1,000 residents in the Town of Neenah. Through a cooperative agreement, services are also provided to several City of Neenah and Town of Vinland residents. A municipal sanitary system serves over 75% of the Town of Neenah. The remaining residents are on a private onsite waste management system such as a septic, mound, or holding tank. The Sanitary District is made up of three elected Commissioners each serving 6-year terms. The three commissioners appoint one member to act as President.


President Dan Osero  (Term expires April 2027)
Commissioner Steve Coburn  (Term expires April 2025)
Commissioner - Duane Sargent  (Term expires April 2023)

District Meetings

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday each month at 7 pm at the Town Hall.

Agendas are posted on posting boards in the District, at the Town Hall, and on the Town of Neenah website.

Minutes are posted on the Town of Neenah website.

User Fees (effective 1/1/2021)

Town of Neenah Residents have a prepaid user fee on their property tax bill of $528 per RUC (residential user charge).

City of Neenah and Town of Vinland residents are invoiced twice a year $264 per RUC (residential user charge) per billing cycle for a total of $528 per RUC.

The Sanitary District Commission amended the 2020 Budget on 1/12/2021 based on unforeseen project expenses in 2020 to maintain the District.

2021-1 Amend 2020 Sanitary District #2 Budget

2020 Final Budget w-Amendment

Town of Neenah Sanitary District #2 Policies