Sample After Reval Tax Bill

SAMPLE Tax Bill Based on 2019 Levy

  • The assessed value information box shows the existing 2019 assessment in black in the assessed value box. The blue shows a SAMPLE after the assessment has increased by 22%.
  • The tax portion shows a SAMPLE REVAL column. This column shows what the impact would be based on the 2019 levy tax rates for each taxing jurisdiction.
  • The % tax change shows the percentage of change between 2019 and the SAMPLE REVAL column.
  • The blue seen in the total areas would be the new total amounts for each respective area with the SAMPLE REVAL calculations included.
Sample Tax Bill - After Reval

Sample Tax Bill

Do you have questions about understanding your property tax bill? Attached is a sample property tax bill for 2019. Please see below for explanations on the tax bill:

  • The top portion of the tax bill is addressed to the property owner, identifies the parcel number the property is located on, and provides a legal description of the property.
  • The first box area lists the assessed value that the assessor has valued the property at.
  • The taxing jurisdiction box is broken up into the various jurisdictions where your property resides. Each jurisdiction has a different portion of taxes that they receive.
    • The purple line is the State of Wisconsin.
    • The blue line is Winnebago County.
    • The red line is the Town of Neenah.
    • The green line is Fox Valley Technical College.
    • The line below this is the total jurisdictional taxes.
  • The first dollar credit at the bottom is a credit paid to the owner of any real estate parcel, where at least one improvement owned by the landowner is located. This is a reduction in property taxes.
  • The lottery and gaming credit is a credit for Wisconsin residents that own a dwelling and use it as their primary residence. You will see this credit on your bill if this applies to your property.
  • The net property tax is your total jurisdictional tax less the first dollar and lottery and gaming credits.
  • The box to the side is the special assessment box and includes items such as:
    • Garbage and refuse for the year.
    • Recycling for the year.
    • Stormwater management for the year.
    • Prepaid sewer user fee.
    • Private on-site wastewater management system (POWTS) fee.
    • Sewer main and sewer interest for the assessment of sewer system developments.
  • Total due includes the net property tax plus any special assessments due.
  • The bottom of the tax bill is broken into three sections.
    • The far left section is a first installment payment due by January 31st and deliverable to the Town of Neenah at 1600 Breezewood Lane, Neenah.
    • The middle section is a second installment payment due by July 31st and deliverable to the Winnebago County Treasurer at PO Box 2806, Oshkosh.
    • The far right section is a full payment amount option that is due by January 31st and deliverable to the Town of Neenah at 1600 Breezewood Lane, Neenah.
Sample Tax Bill
You can find your tax bill on Winnebago County's website. Follow this link and enter in your address, select find, then select taxes in the select detail section to view your tax bill.
Contact the Clerk-Treasurer's office if you have questions: 920-725-0916.