The Town of Neenah is in Winnebago County. Residents of the Town of Neenah reside in State Assembly District 55, Senate District 19, and Congressional District 6.

For  immediate results on election night, visit the Winnebago County Election website:


2024 Election Dates

February 20, 2024 - Spring Primary

April 2, 2024 - Presidential Preference Primary and Spring Election

August 13, 2024 - Partisan Primary

November 5, 2024 - General Election


Electors must be registered on or before Election Day to vote.

Go to My Vote Wisconsin to get registered or check your registration. You may also contact the Town Clerk's office at 920-725-0916.

On Election Day, voters must show a photo ID, state their name and address, and sign their name on the poll list.

(Unless a disability prevents the voter from being able to sign)

Photo ID

The following are acceptable forms of photo ID and can be unexpired or expired after the date of the most recent general election (currently, the November 8, 2022 election):

  • A Wisconsin DOT-issued driver license, even if driving privileges are revoked or suspended
  • A Wisconsin DOT-issued identification card
  • A Wisconsin DOT-issued identification card or driver license without a photo issued under the religious exemption
  • Military ID card issued by a U.S. uniformed service
  • A U.S. passport
  • An identification card issued by a federally recognized Indian tribe in Wisconsin (May be used even if expired before the most recent general election.)
  • A photo identification card issued by a Wisconsin accredited university or college that contains date of issuance, signature of student, and an expiration date no later than two years after date of issuance. Also, the university or college ID must be accompanied by a separate document that proves enrollment. (May be used even if expired before the most recent general election.)

These photo IDs are also acceptable for voting purposes, but must be unexpired:

  • A veteran’s photo identification card issued by the Veterans Health Administration of the federal Department of Veterans Affairs
  • A certificate of naturalization that was issued not earlier than two years before the date of an election at which it is presented
  • A driving receipt issued by Wisconsin DOT (valid for 45 days)
  • An identification card receipt issued by Wisconsin DOT (valid for 45 days)
  • A temporary identification card receipt issued by Wisconsin DOT through the Identification Petition Process (IDPP) (valid for 180 days)
  • A citation or notice of intent to revoke or suspend a Wisconsin DOT-issued driver license that is dated within 60 days of the date of the election.

Visit  Bring it to the Ballot to find out more information on the photo ID law.

Town of Neenah Election and Voting Method

All elections are at the Town Hall, 1600 Breezewood Lane, Neenah, WI. Polling Place hours on Election Day are from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. Absentee hours are posted on the website, in the newsletter, and the Town Hall door before each election. *Please note – no absentee voting or registrations are allowed on the Monday before an election.

The Town of Neenah uses a paper ballot, which is read by an Image Cast Evolution (ICE) Voting tabulator, which scans and stores votes. To cast your vote, you must darken the oval next to your voting choice.

Town of Neenah Election Inspectors

Election inspectors are the keepers of democracy and are crucial to efficient and honest elections. Election inspectors proudly conduct elections with accuracy, integrity, and dignity. Election inspectors are appointed every two years in the Town of Neenah.

Did you know that Wisconsin law requires every employer to grant an unpaid leave of absence to each employee who is appointed to serve as an election inspector? If an employee provides the employer with at least seven (7) days notice before they are scheduled to serve as an inspector, an employee is entitled to an unpaid leave of absence to serve as an election inspector.  The leave is for the entire 24-hour period of each Election Day in which the employee serves as an election inspector. [Wis. Statute 7.33(3)]

The Town of Neenah welcomes all eligible voters in the Town of Neenah that are 18 years of age to apply to be an election inspector. Please see the election official application for more information or contact the Clerk’s Office for more information at 920-725-0916.

Election Official Application