Town Budget

The Town Board holds budget workshops in September and October of each year to set the budget for the following year. These workshops are open to the public, and residents are encouraged to participate.

Prior to the Town Board accepting the budget, Town Electors must vote and approve the Tax Levy. A Public Hearing and Meeting of the Town Electors is held in November each year to set the tax levy for the following year.

Revenues are generated from property taxes collected, shared revenues from the State of Wisconsin, utility revenues from the State for the power plant, state and local transportation aid, various license and permit fees, garbage and recycling fees, building, and land rental income, and interest earned. The Town operates on a budget of approximately $1.2 million annually. Property taxes equal roughly $450,000 or 40% of the total budgeted revenues.

Expenses include general government expenses such as salaries and benefits for the Town Board and Clerk-Treasurer, utilities, and supplies to run the office, and maintain the Town Hall, election-related expenses, newsletter expenses, membership dues, and legal fees. Additional expenses are public safety, which includes the Fire Department and First Responder expenses, and public works, which include road repairs and maintenance, road construction, snow plowing, and street lights. Sanitation, culture, recreation, and debt service are also itemized in the expense column.

The Town Board will hold a Public  Hearing on November 8, 2021 at 7:00 pm on the proposed 2022 Budget.

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