Volunteer Paid-On Call Fire Department

The Town of Neenah Fire Department is a Volunteer Paid-on Call Fire Department meaning our members volunteer to serve the community and are compensated on a per-call basis responding to over 180 calls per year. Those 180 calls are split almost 50/50 with half being fire calls and accident responses and the other half being emergency medical calls. The department maintains a roster of 35 Firefighters and Fire Responders. The Town's fire station is centrally located at the Town of Neenah Municipal Building at 1600 Breezewood Lane.

Department Equipment

Our department operates two Engine companies, each carrying 1,000 gallons of water, a wide variety of firefighting equipment, and specialized extrication equipment known as the "Jaws of Life" used to free patients trapped in their automobiles following a serious crash. In addition, the department responds to all reported structure fires with a 3,000-gallon water Tender to provide an additional water supply to the Engine companies. We also operate an off-road vehicle or UTV with a water tank and pump to battle grass and brush fires not accessible by our larger equipment. This unit can also be quickly converted to respond to medical emergencies again, where access is limited. This unit has been used the last 3 years to support medical emergencies over the last three-mile stretch of the Fox Cities Marathon.

Mutual Aid and Automatic Aid

When the alarm sounds, the Town of Neenah Fire Department works closely with all of our surrounding neighbors to ensure that the necessary resources and manpower are quickly dispatched to handle any fire or emergency situation that may arise. Strong Mutual Aid and Automatic Aid agreements are in place for all the agencies to work together seamlessly. A perfect example of these strong working relationships was the response to the 119 vehicle crash on Highway 41 in February of 2019. The Town of Neenah Fire Department was the first fire/emergency services agency on the scene and worked closely with over 140 other firefighters, EMS professionals, law enforcement, highway crews, and tow truck operators. Each group played a key role in safely treating and transporting the injured, quickly moving those not injured off the highway to warm safe shelter, stabilizing the incident, and then clearing the massive amount of tangled vehicles to reopen the highway by early the next morning.

Insurance Services Office's Public Protection Classification Program

Insurance Services Office, Inc. collects and evaluates information from communities in the United States on their structure fire suppression capabilities. The data is analyzed using our Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS) and then a Public Protection Classification (PPC©) grade is assigned to the community. The surveys are conducted whenever it appears that there is a possibility of a PPC change. As such, the PPC program provides important, up-to-date information about fire protection services throughout the country. Click the image below to see the Town's PPC report.