Emergency Medical Responders

Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs), formerly known as First Responders, are members of the Fire Department who are certified by the State of Wisconsin to provide basic life support and emergency care to those in need. Many of these Responders have additional training at the level of Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or the Paramedic level. The EMR’s are dispatched whenever a call to 911 is made requesting an ambulance. Many times, one or more EMR’s may arrive and begin to provide care and, at times, life-saving interventions such as CPR and defibrillation, bleeding control, and administer oxygen before Paramedics arrive with the ambulance. EMRs can also administer some emergency medications depending on the situation. Once the Paramedics arrive, the EMRs will continue to assist in patient care, scene management, lifting assistance, and safety. Our EMRs undergo an 80-hour training program and must recertify every two years by attending a 24-hour EMR refresher course and CPR class. The TNFD also has a UTV with a medical transport skid to respond to off-road emergencies, including calls on Lake Winnebago during the winter.

Gold Cross Ambulance

Gold Cross Ambulance is the transporting ambulance service in the Town of Neenah. If you have any billing-related questions, please contact them directly or see their website below.

Medical Director - Dr. Mark Wesfall D.O.

Service Director - Fire Chief

Gold Cross